Flip Burger: Next Spot To Curb Your Burger Cravings

From a gourmet burger to a fast-food snack, you’ll agree that burger is the most popular sandwich in the world! I mean, who doesn’t love a juicy burger? Malaysian’s love affair with American burgers shows no signs of slowing down. Of course, the food heaven – Penang is full of great restaurants to grab one, but which one is the best?

Are you still googling which restaurant to go this weekend? Fret not, we’re about to share with you one of our new finds, a modern American-inspired burger restaurant – Flip burger that serves up mouth-wateringly burgers and make you crave another round of American burgers. Without further ado, let’s find out more about Flip Burger.

Flip Burger: Next Spot To Curb Your Burger Cravings

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Need a good burger after all that shopping? Flip Burger is your go-to-stop for comfort food. With just one year of establishment, Flip Burger already has two outlets in different shopping malls. This proves that their burger is no joke, and it really is. When we first entered, it welcomes us with that perfect smell of burgers and wonderfully cosy interior setting. This is surely a perfect dining spot for friends, family and colleagues to catch up while enjoying a meal together. We enjoyed it thank to the great food and nice environment here.

What’s so good about Flip Burger?

Flip Burger knows how to make some good burgers, you won’t stop at just bun. Their menu features a wide range of burgers offering the highest quality meats, fresh ingredients, savoury sauces, and rich, melted cheeses. Classic bun pressed between patty of your favourite either beef, pork, chicken or Tilapia fish. Among the large selection of burgers to choose from, each of the four burgers below stands out for a unique reason. Scroll down to find out what pleased our tummy!

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#1 Flip Burger

The restaurant’s signature burger, Flip Burger (RM15.99) didn’t disappoint, don’t leave without trying it. Topped with caramelized onions and bacon strips cooked to perfection, the bun is pillowy soft and the flavourful patty has just the right amount of grease. Plus, there’s a good char on the patty and the burnt crispy bits give the burger some added texture. Are you salivating, yet?

#2 Cannon

Moving on to Cannon (RM 14.99). If you really love salted egg yolk, you need to try this. It comes with crispy potato hash, natural cheddar and salted duck egg sauce, but no one topping overpowers any of the others, and every bite has a balanced all-in-one effect. The chicken patty is the winner, so crispy and juicy, you will not be disappointed.

#3 Spicy Korean

Besides the American style, Spicy Korean (RM 12.99) is new in the menu. Instead of the crispy whole chicken leg patty, we got ourselves their fish fillet’s version. Sandwiched in between is the piece of fish fillet marinated with sticky, sweet and spicy sauce. Of course, kimchi is a must! It is topped with in-house Korean kimchi pickles for the extra flavour that will hit you right in the mouth. It may not be the tongue-burning kind that most of us are familiar with, but it is satisfying nonetheless.

#4 Furippu Katsu Baga

Yes, this is definitely one of editor’s favourite burgers in Flip Burger! Furippu Katsu Baga (RM 13.99) compromises of a Panko Pork Pocket filled with a juicy chicken loaf with teriyaki sauce in between two charcoal buns. They are super generous with their cheese, and everything is made from scratch. Juicy, scrumptious burger in one bite, having the ooey gooey cheese flowing out, providing just enough ooze but no overwhelming flavour, exactly how burger cheese should be. So sinful, so good. One is never enough.

Their sides are sooo delicious!

How can we forget about their Flip’s Cheesy Loaded Fries (RM9.99)? With loads of cheese sauce and mayo on top of your fries. You can use your fingers if you want, though you’ll do better with a fork. But delicious? You bet. They’re salty, smoky, and chewy. Along with its creaminess, the cheddar cheese sauce brings a different savoriness and a slight tanginess to your mouth.

It’s really delicious and we love it! Don’t leave without trying it, you have been warned!

Better than expected. Surprisingly, the salad box (RM 5.99) turned out to be very good. It was quite appetizing, despite us being so full from the previous burgers. I think the magic here was the Japanese sesame dressing, worth a try!

The hidden corner in Flip Burger is so Instagrammable!

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Posing normally is so mainstream. Yes, this upside-down corner in Flip Burger is so Instagram-worthy! Many of us are familiar with taking pictures at Upside Down Museum, but don’t you wanna try posing with your favourite burger? What set them different is they don’t have expert marshals that can help you take photos, but we know you foodies are creative enough to think of ways to create the most picture-perfect illusion that is worth sharing on your Instagram or blog! Whatcha waiting for? Take out your camera and ready to pose!

Pay Flip Burger A Visit Today

If you happen to head to Gurney Paragon or Queensbay Mall, you should really pay them a visit! Flip Burger is definitely one of the best places to get your burger cravings fixed. And when you are there, remember to take some photographs at the upside down corner for the ‘gram.

Flip Burger

Gurney Plaza:
Address:  LG.17B, Level LG, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily

Queensbay Mall:
Address: 3F-07, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.
Operating Hours: 10.30 am to 10.30 pm daily

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