March 2018 Vlog: Trip to Penang – Day 1

Hello guys! Here’s my Vlog when my bestfriend, my sister, and myself went for a trip to Penang Malaysia. Yeayyh! I’m so excited at that moment. I love trips so much, especially to the places I’ve never been.. So basically, if you had viewed this vlog, the content might be lacking something. All because I rarely doing vlog. So just bear with it, haha. For other people, they may prefer blogging, those who love wording, but as for me, vlogging did caught my interest, it’s unique, stimulate creativity, or simpler. So I hope you liked this video and gives me a thumbs up! See you in my next vlog…


Background Music:

ZAYN Tonight ft Chainsmokers Official Audio

Fransis Derelle – Fly (Feat. Parker Polhill)

ZAYN Tonight ft Chainsmokers Official Audio Video

The Chainsmokers ft. Zayn – I Can Fly ( Official Audio )

The Chainsmokers & ZAYN – Tonight (Lyrics Video)

The Chainsmokers – Tonight Ft. Zayn [NEWSONG 2016]

Hotel Garuda – Smoke Signals (Lyric Video)

Hotel Garuda – Smoke Signals (Alizzz Remix)

Hotel Garuda – Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals


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